Batch Query Address Score

1.Interface call:


2. Request parameter instance

parameterwhether explain



If the number of addresses queried is greater than 50, take the first 50.

3. Example of request parameters

    "content": [

4.Example of returned results

    "resCode": "800",
    "resMsg": "成功",
    "resMsgEn": "",
    "data": {
        "0x4f0536c6155ebc96217fc7e8c0e14d12fb0c9870": "0",
        "0x7B2e47C61566b504Edaeeb50B28ae085cFFd938c": "0",
        "0x6c8850B6eF404c36DD36a16332D5F3683Df538d8": "0",
        "0x2947b5425e862a695fd8a4f267f28b98be208c9": "100",
        "0x2947b5425e862a695fd8a4f267f28b98be208c79": "0",
        "TLWsniH4PmxZGwL3NBCxb4SP1kRy6iGEjf": "100",
        "TAzDvA7RFU8U55LuZiqRxoFVK2B3YKyUnx": "0"

5.Return Parameter Description

Each address of the Map type corresponds to a score

Currently, there are only two return values, 0 and 100. 0 indicates that the address score is low and orders are not allowed. 100 indicates that the address score is high and an order can be placed.

7.Postman Example

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